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Is Tai Yi like Tai Chi?

        I get this question a lot. Tai Yi and Tai Chi are very different in practice. Although they are somewhat related in origin, and philosophy. Both are focused upon creating, restoring, and maintaining balance in the human body. 

           Tai Chi works with the body through breathing, movement of the body, and movement of energy within the body. It is a personal type of exercise, or martial art.  

           Tai Yi is a healing art which a practitioner works to manipulate the energy of an individual to restore balance to the flow of energy within the body. Tai Yi is similar to acupuncture. It is a healing methodology that addresses the function and health of the meridian systems within the human body. Tai Yi is a healing art. 

What can you do for me using Tai Yi?

          That really depends on a variety of factors. Each persons condition must be looked at on a individual basis. Imbalances in individuals are often the result of long term patterns that become programmed in the body. Working to eliminate destructive programs and rebalance an individuals energy is not always an easy process. 

          I do my best to understand, and treat imbalances in each individual I work upon. I will try to assist you to understand what is occurring, and give each individual steps they can take to work to re-establish a balanced flow of energy in their body. 

What is Tai Yi? How does Tai Yi Work?

          Tai Yi is a healing technique, originating from China. Tai Yi is a technique that works with balancing the meridian system in the human body. The human body is a finely tuned bio-mechanical machine. The meridians are channels of energy that assist the body by activating, and energizing movements and processes within the human body. 

          The human body works in cycles. Tai Yi works by balancing the cycles of energy within the human body. Disturbances occur when the timing, activation, or length of a cycle is disturbed. When imbalance occurs and is not addressed, the body becomes programmed to operate in a manner that is destructive. 

          The ultimate goal of Tai Yi is to support and restore a balance to the movement of energy with the human body. 

What are the benefits of Tai Yi?

          Tai Yi has the capacity to address a wide range of disturbances in the human body. A balanced meridian system promotes health the body, clarity in the mind, and cultivates emotional well being. 

Who would benefit from Tai Yi?

          Tai Yi is not for everyone. For some individuals it is a waste of time, energy, and money. Change requires change. This sounds simple however change takes work. 

          When one is working to alter or shift a destructive habit, pattern, or program, there needs to be an element of commitment. All to often individuals set out to change something in their life, and it is a short lived experience. 

          Changing destructive programs in the body do not always occur quickly. Many fail to recognize that even small shifts in ones course or trajectory, over time compound. Change can require patience. 

          We live in a society that is very focused on quick change, with no effort. Most of the time that results in little substantive change, with large side effects.

          I have seen Tai Yi greatly assist individuals. For many it can be a powerful catalyst for change. However independently of supplementary action it can be limited. The individual with the greatest ability to influence the strength, health, and balance of your energy, is you. 

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These treatments are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

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